$1 Million Grant for Mater Christi College

Today, James Merlino, Deputy Premier, Minister for Education and local Member for Monbulk announced that Mater Christi College had been successful in its application for a State Government Capital Grant of $1million, enabling us to upgrade our facilities with the provision of a specialist multi-media Presentation Centre.

This Virtual Learning Hub will provide a network of flexible and interactive teaching and recording studios, designed in the first instance to enhance the delivery of onsite classes with blended, online and e-learning programs.

Its flexible design will also provide a contemporary learning space for the teaching of drama and media studies.

Additionally and importantly the Virtual Learning Hub will provide a dedicated gathering space, with fixed seating, modern equipment and a mini refreshment area, an ideal venue for guest speakers, year level information sessions as well as local community group gatherings.

This development highlights the commitment of Mater Christi College to be ‘organizationally and educationally innovative’, to be futures focused, providing our girls with an education which is both of and for their future.

This is wonderful news for our College community.  We are grateful for the support of the Andrews Government enabling not only this construction to go ahead, but most importantly, ensuring that Mater Christi College continues to provide outstanding facilities and contemporary teaching spaces.

Mary Fitz-Gerald