2019 Production Wrap Up

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This year’s joint Mater Christi and St Joseph’s school production was the 1975 classic, A Chorus Line – High School Edition.

A Chorus Line tells the story of 17 dancers, auditioning for a Broadway show. The director, Zach, asks the dancers to recall memories from their childhood so that he can get to know them better and eliminate down from 17 to 8. While some characters relish the opportunity to talk about themselves, others find it an emotionally confronting experience. The audience becomes closer to the characters through their engaging recollections accompanied by vibrant songs, seamless dancing and virtuosic musical talent.

Rehearsals started in February, where cast, crew and band worked tirelessly for two afterschool periods a week to learn choreography, complex harmonies and an instrumentally challenging score. As the performance dates grew nearer, excitement levels rose, nerves increased, and everyone supported and encouraged each other. By performance week, however, the team was ready to show off all their hard work to an audience.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience, with the highlight being the friendships and bonds created over the lengthy rehearsal process with cast, crew and band members. Existing friendships were strengthened, new friendships were established, and it was great to welcome younger students into our production family.

It was delightful to work with fellow students with similar interests, and to share the stage with so many talented individuals. I personally learnt so much about performance from the endless amounts of talent demonstrated by all involved. Although challenges presented themselves, such as difficulty remembering complex dance routines and balancing schoolwork with the rehearsal schedule, the support of fellow cast members assisted in overcoming them.

Of course, this experience would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of staff members. The encouragement, guidance and support from Ms Rogers, Ms Owen and Mr Balderstone inspired us all to put in our best efforts to make the show as brilliant as it possibly could be.

Thank you to all the staff and students who were a part of this 'singularly sensational' experience that we will never forget!

Millie Metcalfe, Year 11