2020 Sports Awards Presentation

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On 29 October, we recognised and awarded Mater Christi students for their efforts and participation in this year’s sporting events.

The Mater Christi Sports Awards Presentation was held via zoom to both staff and students during Pastoral Period. The presentation was led by our 2020 Sport Captains who were not only instrumental in encouraging students to be involved in sporting events this year, but also in organising this event.

The focus of this presentation was to celebrate and acknowledge student involvement either in the Term 1 competitions or online virtual competitions. It was incredible to see the impressive team and individual performances throughout.

Students also heard from a very special guest, Rosie Dillon, who currently plays for St Kilda in the AFLW. Rosie congratulated all students for staying positive, remaining active and getting involved throughout this sporting season, despite the challenges.

This year, as a temporary replacement for our traditional Sports Woman of the Year, we presented a Year Level Sports Champion Award to one student from each year level who:

  • significantly contributed to the College sports program through participation and involvement in a number of sporting opportunities,
  • consistently acted in a supporting and encouraging manner,
  • displayed the behaviours of a good sportswoman,
  • performed to a high standard in both running club and sports challenges,
  • showed a respectful and modest attitude towards peers, teachers and leaders,
  • on term one sports day, displayed leadership, effort and enthusiasm across the entire day.

Our Year Level Sports Champions were:

  • Year 7 – Ivy Tucker
  • Year 8 – Sienna Kurdian
  • Year 9 – Sami Lane
  • Year 10 – Indigo Keating
  • Year 11 – Hannah Hodges
  • Year 12 – Zarli Vandenberg

A big congratulations to all medal winners and our 2020 Year Level Sports Champions.

Lisa Tran, AFL Trainee