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Following today’s presentation to the College community, we are proud to celebrate and acknowledge the great potential and huge commitment of our student leaders for 2023. We wish them every success in their next chapter of study and leadership.

Congratulations to the following students:

College Captains: Emily Tyquin, Martha Box
Faith and Liturgy Captains: Varina Meina, Kiara D'Sylva
Social Justice & Stewardship Captains: Hannah Koolstra, Maria Girgis
Wellbeing Captains: Raquel Pospischil, Sashri D'Alwis
Arts Captain: 
Alicia Peterson
Sports Captains: Jessica Pacevski, Sami Lane
STEM Captains: Willow Simnajantuk, Simone Martin
Chisholm House Captains: Jasmine Donner, Mollie Keen
Gibbons House Captains: Olivia Ward, Ashleigh Thomson
Lyons House Captains: Elisa Morales, AJ Robinson
Mackillop House Captains: Charli Peterson, Ava Zidek

Also announced at our College Assembly today were those students who will receive the 2023 Senior Scholarship: Shinali Weerawardena, Maddison Block, Ava Wooden, Anna Landaus, Claire Pierce, Emily Ballingall, Annabella Tyquin, Ava Di Bartolomeo, and Layla Gould.

Congratulations to these students.  We acknowledge the commitment and courage of all the students who participated in the exam selection process.  They are all strong and courageous learners, and we know they will continue to seek to do and achieve their best.

And finally, we acknowledge those students who received a Distinction or Credit in the 2022 ICAS Assessments in the following subjects:

Vinuki Gajanayake, Sally Loader, Maria Wang, Kiara Enriquez, MJ Drake, Sebby Price, Anna Lindhaus, Caitlin Blackett, Lauren Dodd and Bridget Haley

Siena Fay, Vinuki Gajanayake, Maria Wang, Tabitha Ferrier, Ava Somers, Simone Martin and Olivia Ward

Lauren Dodd