2022 Year 10 Personal Projects

October 25th, 2022

The Year 10 Personal Project gives students an opportunity to explore an area of interest, while learning to ‘project manage’ their time and effort independently. Each student has a teacher mentor, to guide them through the process and produces a ‘product’ to showcase their learning.

This year, many were craft-based projects, perhaps due to our recent lockdowns, where the joy of crafting at home was rediscovered. Some students chose to research topics of interest and report their learning in videos, reports and books. Others unleashed their inner inventor.

The projects were displayed in an exhibition at school to which Year 9 students were invited, providing inspiration for their own projects next year.

All Year 10 students should be very proud of their achievements this year!

Thank-you to Lilly, Sarah, Phoebe, Paige and Christiana for sharing their stories in this video.