Uniform – Our response to media reports

The College uniform policy and events on photo day have attracted the attention of the media.

The news item, written by a student journalist, contains unfortunate exaggerations and inaccuracies. I wish to assure you that no student was forced to take any actions as described in the article.

Students and parents were reminded of our expectations regarding false eyelashes and extensions last year and again this year via email and directly with Year 12 students on Friday prior to the photo day.

A small number of students chose to disregard our policy and were presented with options including seeking professional removal immediately in the local area. One student opted to trim her eyelash extensions and sought the assistance of a staff member.

We wish to encourage our students to be proud of who they are and be students, rather than applying artificial beauty treatments to be something else and mimic celebrities; in other words, we wish our girls to be proudly themselves.

We understand that some students and families may not agree with the position we have taken. However, it is important to remember that our uniform policy is designed to assist students and families with managing the cost and distraction of fashion and image pressures.

We are disappointed that The Age did not attempt to verify some of its claims and present a more accurate and balanced view.

We do appreciate that the majority of students and families support and understand our uniform expectations and trust that this matter will not be a distraction, enabling students to focus fully on their study programs.

Mary Fitz-Gerald