A passion for fashion

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Cassidy has enjoyed fashion design since she got her first sewing machine when she was four. From a dress made out of chip packets in Year 7 to this fantastic gown inspired by Greek Mythology in Year 12, her creativity and garment design skills are undeniable.

I have been sewing ever since I got my first sewing machine at the age of four. I have always loved experimenting with different fabrics and used to create my own fashion magazine, with my own drawings, that I would share with my family.

For my Product Design and Technology project in Year 12, I was inspired by my client’s love of Greek Mythology. She told me all the things she liked, I did a lot of research around Greek Myths and symbolism and used this to begin my drawings.

I drew a variety of sketches, until I came up with a consistent look that I was happy with. My final design options all had similar shapes to the body and skirt, but I experimented with colours and different features for the garment.

In terms of materials, I wanted the garment to look elegant and floaty, so I decided to use high quality silk-based fabrics, including silk, bemsilk and silk satin.

This year, along with my classmates, I faced many challenges due to Covid, including not having the resources to progress with my garment until I was able to get things from school. This set me back in my production schedule, but with hard work and consistency I was able to catch up and complete the project by the due date

My teacher Miss Schmidt’s garment making experience was incredibly helpful. She was able to explain things via zoom if we had any questions. She even helped draft a pattern piece for the bodice of my dress and was willing to jump on zoom at 5 o’clock one Saturday afternoon because I couldn’t figure out how to cut out my pattern piece.

Through the creation process I gained many new skills including a better understanding of how to draw a figure and different clothing and sewing techniques, such as gathering, pleating and French seams.

I love the way my client looks in the garment. It fits her perfectly, despite us not being able to do many fittings due to lockdown. I also love the snakeskin fabric I used – it creates an element of mystery, intertwined with beauty and elegance and flows so nicely with the rest of the garment.

Creating fun and unique garments is something I have loved doing for a long time, including a dress made entirely out of chip packets in Year 7, which was fun!

I now want to pursue a career in fashion design and can’t wait to see the new things I come up with.

Cassidy Ede, Year 12