A Symphonic Universe

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Recently, over 30 girls from various music groups at Mater Christi travelled to the city to Hamer Hall – the largest concert hall in the Melbourne arts complex.

We were there to see a special performance by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and physicist Professor Brian Cox. This experience was designed to inspire us, enrich our musical journey, and immerse us in history renewed.

We eagerly filed into our seats alongside 2,466 other students. As the lights dimmed we were stunned into silence as our ears were filled with the perfect notes and harmonies of the Sibelius movement in the Brian Cox: A Symphonic Universe orchestral performance.

After the performance, Brian Cox gave a talk about our universe that highlighted the insignificance of Earth in the expanse that we call space. An Adagio composed by Mahler ended the concert and left the audience awestruck.

It was a fantastic experience that inspired us all and left us with a renewed sense of eagerness to make music.

Anastasia Armitage, Year 9