Ancient China Day

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On Monday 13 May, The Museum of Ancient China visited Mater Christi to introduce our next unit of study in Year 7 Humanities.

The sessions explored many Ancient Chinese ideas and concepts. Students were able to immerse themselves in activities like Kung Fu and lantern making, as well as be informed about ancient Chinese inventions that still impact our world today. Inventions such as the compass, umbrella and matches are just a few that were born in China long ago.

It was delightful to see the students learn about an ancient civilisation in a hands-on way, as age old traditions were brought to life.
Naomi Trumino, Humanities Teacher

Here's what some of our students had to say:

I found all the workshops to be informative and interesting. My favourite activity was the lantern making. It was interesting learning which numbers are considered lucky and unlucky in China. There were so many discoveries that China made that have benefited us, for example printing. China invented the earliest stages of a printing press. Overall, I thought the incursion was a great way for students to understand more about Ancient China.
Caitlin Boce, 7C

All in all, the day was really fun. Some of the best activities were the Kung Fu and lantern making. The sessions spiked creativity and were a treat for all
Year 7s.
Princess Van Der Burght, 7D

On Ancient China Day we made lanterns and learned some self-defence using Kung Fu. We also learned about ancient inventions. During lantern making we learnt about what the Chinese red envelopes symbolised. During Kung Fu we learned how to get out of someone holding you, and in the ancient inventions we learned how important the Silk Road and the making of silk was to the Chinese economy.
Antonia Osipova, 7C