Balance and discipline pays off

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Balance, discipline and undeniable talent have combined to see 2021 College
Co-Captain Cassidy well on her way to a career in the Fashion industry.

Maintaining a healthy balance between her studies and social life, was the recipe for success for 2021 College Co-Captain Cassidy.

“Making sure I still did the things I enjoyed outside of school, meant when I sat down to do my homework or study, I was more motivated”.

Cassidy found the Pomodoro Technique of studying worked best – doing 25 minutes of work followed by a 5-minute break. This allowed her to reset her brain and concentrate better.

Cassidy says the ‘incredible’ and ‘passionate’ teachers she had along the way, helped develop her skills and made classes interesting. She also benefited from taking up the many leadership opportunities and extra-curricular activities on offer, which broadened her experiences.

In 2022, Cassidy hopes to travel in Europe. She has also been offered a place in the highly sought after Bachelor of Fashion (Design) at RMIT.