Building Year 12 2018 Community

February 12th, 2018


Last week, Year 12 students stayed back at school prior to our Welcome Night.

The afternoon started with a liturgy focused around our theme for 2018, “seek peace and pursue it”.  Ms Donnelly, our careers counsellor briefed us on how to discover our passions and to ensure we understood the importance of prerequisites subjects. We then  spent 30 minutes looking on the VTAC website at the courses that may interest us. This was great as it allowed us to take time to really think about what we want to do once high school is over. We also had the opportunity to create a study timetable so we can be more organised. To finish the afternoon sessions we enjoyed a dinner together.

Our parents then arrived, met our Pastoral Group teachers and heard about upcoming events. It was a good opportunity for our parents to see what we will be doing at school this year and to meet some of our teachers.

Michael Carr-Gregg spoke to us and our parents about how to “survive year 12”. Some of his tips included having 9 hours of sleep, eating yogurt, blueberries and walnuts, and to only study for 20 mins at a time.

Overall the night was great fun and it allowed us to build our Mater community and understand and appreciate all the support we have this year.

Sophie Clarke and Emily Clark

2018 College Co-Captains