Central Australia Trip

October 15th, 2019
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Recently a group of 44 Year 10 students visited Central Australia. We left early on a Wednesday, filled with excitement and enthusiasm, and we were not disappointed when we arrived at Alice Springs airport. The dusty expanse was a new experience for many of us and we eagerly set up our tents despite the heat. However, nothing was quite as good as getting our bright orange Central Australia hats on the first day.

We spent two days in Alice Springs, visiting the town, seeing Simpson’s gap, trying bush tucker food and more. Next, we headed to Kings Creek Station. We spent two days at the Karrke Indigenous community, helping them garden and learning about their culture. We also visited King’s Canyon National Park, completing a picturesque rim walk around the canyon.

We were then back on the bus and on route for Yulara. We spent the next two days visiting Uluru, as well as neighbouring rock formations such as Kata Tjuta. Some of us also took the opportunity to ride in a helicopter. Our last night in Yulara favoured us with good weather, allowing us to sleep under the stars.

From Yulara, we travelled home, with two full days on the bus. Our stops for the night included Coober Pedy, where we had a mining tour and slept underground, as well as Adelaide.

The trip was an amazing experience which we will cherish and remember forever. Central Australia truly brought the Year 10s together and we would definitely recommend this experience for students in the future.

Abbey Barr and Indigo Crnogorac, Year 10