Delivering the Casserole

June 28th, 2018


The Mater Chef Team Challenge brings together the some of the best features of MYP, the Design Process and the values of a Good Samaritan Education.

The Challenge:

You are required to work in teams of two or three to cater for a small local community event or to raise money for a community group by selling food you produce. You will need to liaise with your client to plan, order, store, prepare and serve/sell the food.

Each team must:

  • share the workload equally and provide evidence of each person’s input.
  • provide 3 design options to their client and liaise with them to select the most appropriate option.
  • present their ideas to the class for feedback during the design stage of the process.
  • produce a food safety plan for their food products.
  • trial their food products in class prior to their event. 
  • provide a Design Folio as evidence of the design process.

The Outcome:

An enjoyable and highly rewarding experience of the Design Process - Inquiring and Analysing the Issue, Developing Ideas, Creating and Evaluating the Solution, and …

… the students raised close to $1500 through bake stalls and similar to support the Monash Children’s Hospital, Breast Cancer Research, Reconciliation Day, RSPCA, a family managing a child with leukaemia, a Women’s Refuge and a Basketball Club.

Congratulations to the Year 10 Master Chef class who approached the challenge with enthusiasm and provided a heart-warming example of ‘delivering the casserole’.

Judy Lawson
Food Technology Teacher