Drop Everything and Read

July 22nd, 2019


As part of the Wider Reading program during Term 3, Year 7 students are being asked to "Drop Everything and Read" for at least 10 minutes a day.

There are many benefits to reading each day, from a form of relaxation or mindfulness, to entertainment.

Students may not realise that by reading they are exercising their brains for the academic work that occurs within their classes. Our girls are happy to train for sport once or twice each week, but some are reluctant to read regularly. They easily find 10 minutes a day to Snapchat or ‘check out’ Instagram, but often not to read recreationally.

Regular reading exposes students to vocabulary and concepts that they may not encounter on a day to day basis. Students benefit academically from regular recreational reading and research tells us that students who read at least 20 minutes a day will perform more strongly than students who may not read at all.

5 ways in which your daughter can ‘Drop Everything and Read’:

  1. "When is dinner ready?", "10 minutes" ... time to ... drop everything and read!
  2. Travelling to and from school; bus, train or car! Use the time to ... drop everything and read!
  3. Waiting for their brother, sister or parent to be ready in the morning? Time to ... drop everything and read!
  4. Lazy Sunday afternoons, not sure what to do? Time to ... drop everything and read!
  5. Finished your work early in class? Time to ... drop everything and read!

Throughout Term 3, there will be a competition to see which Year 7 English class can ‘drop everything and read’ the most, with students recording how many minutes of reading they do a week.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Margaret Lawson - Teacher Librarian
Torie Gordon - English Domain leader 

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