Mater Christi College and Homestay Hosts have had the privilege and responsibility to welcome, support and work with international students for over thirty years.  We have witnessed many truly amazing stories of courage, learning, struggles and success.

The College enrols up to 30 international students at any time. Many commence during Year 9 or 10 while some are younger.  Most of the girls aim to enter an Australian University and gain an internationally recognised qualification to pursue careers in their home country or abroad.

When the girls commence at Mater Christi, it is the beginning of an extraordinary period of generally over 6 years of living and studying away from home. It is difficult for us to imagine making such a choice and the courage required to meet the challenges involved. At the same time, our international students are just like any local adolescent girl.

Consider the possibilities of hosting for your family or for someone you know. Being a Homestay Host can be a very rewarding experience, often leading to lifelong memories and associations.

For further information or to apply to be a Homestay Host:

Homestay Host FAQs

Most international students are studying at Year 10, 11 or 12 level (ages 15 to 19), with a smaller number of younger students.

The College asks interested Hosts to complete an application form with details of the accommodation arrangements. Our Homestay Coordinator will arrange a time to visit applicants to discuss those arrangements, answer any questions and determine suitability of placements.

New international students commence at the College each school term – January, April, July and October.

In general, students should be provided with a single room with good heating and storage, study facilities, bathroom access shared with one other person, internet access and access to transport.

The primary responsibility of a Homestay Host is to provide a welcoming home environment and to be engaged with the physical, emotional, academic and social needs of the student.

The College maintains regular links with Homestay families through the Homestay Coordinator who is available to respond to concerns and liaise between students, hosts and the College.

Students pay a weekly Homestay fee of $320 while in residence and a small holding fee for periods of extended absence.