Freedom to develop individual creative style


Year 12 2018 student Hayley particularly enjoyed the supportive art and design community at Mater Christi.

Choosing Studio Art as a higher study in Year 10 proved to be pivotal for Hayley. “My interest in study grew. It challenged all my skills. I became more analytical in my thinking and it even improved my writing.”

Hayley is highly motivated, sets high expectations for herself and strives for constant improvement. She loved all of her art and design subjects and “the freedom to pursue my own ideas and develop my own creative style”. She particularly enjoyed the supportive art and design community at the Mater Christi.

Hayley also valued Business Studies and appreciated the complementary nature of the different disciplines.

Hayley intends to pursue her love of design and was offered a position in Design at the University of Melbourne. She achieved an ATAR of 90.95 and has been shortlisted for the VCE Season of Excellence for Design Technology and Visual Communication.

This forms part of a series of stories from the class of 2018. For an overview of student achievements and academic results, read our post Celebrating Year 12 2018.