Why we love STEM

April 27th, 2021


Hey everyone! We are the Senior STEM Captains for 2021, Bronya and Cassidy!

As you can imagine, we are both really passionate about all things Maths and Science. We are also curious and love learning about the world around us. For us, the marvel of STEM is the versatility in its application. STEM is literally all around us, in our everyday lives.

We are both working towards careers in STEM. Cassidy has wanted to study the universe since she was 8 years old, while Bronya more recently developed her goal to become a biomedical engineer.

If you’ve ever wondered why you should consider a career in STEM, just imagine how different the world would be without the countless individuals throughout history working in STEM. Imagine what a difference you might be able to make, if you did as well? 

As STEM Captains, one of our goals is to help encourage students to get involved and remove barriers in thinking, such as ‘science is too hard’ or ‘I won’t need maths outside of school’.

Through opportunities to participate in STEM related activities, we hope to demonstrate the beauty of this field of study - that there’s never just one solution to a problem, and disciplines will often intersect. Our upcoming STEM House Cup (4 May) will hopefully demonstrate these points through activities such as flying drones, making and racing elastic-band cars, completing a scientist scavenger hunt, creating a Star Wars themed mural and much more.

We’d love to see everyone participating in the fun, learning about all the areas there are to explore in STEM, and (fingers crossed!) discovering a passion for the field, just as we have. 

 Bronya Robinson & Cassidy Germano, Senior STEM Captains