Ideas for Screen Free Wellbeing Day – Years 11 & 12

September 2nd, 2021

Friday 3 September is our Screen Free Wellbeing Day. The staff at Mater Christi College have put their heads together to give you ideas for how to go screen free this Friday.  Have a look down the list and see if anything takes your fancy.

  • Gardening – prepare a small garden bed for seeds – vegetables and flowers work well most sunny, open spaces
  • Walk your local area, look at the buildings and see what was built in the last two decades, what do you notice in the design?
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Read a book
  • Drop some kind notes (perhaps with inspirational quotes?) into letter boxes of people in your local area
  • Do some meditative drawing:
  • Create a themed dinner for your family.
  • Make a card and/or gift for your dad or grandfather or significant father figure for Father’s day.  Perhaps you could write a song or poem
  • Clean out your wardrobes and pack one $2 bag or more of clothes for our Winter Wonderland Clothes Swap
  • Sort out your clothes; give some to the local opportunity shop.
  • Sort out your notes for your classes and tidy up your work space.
  • Help out at home by cleaning a section of your house – if the weather is warm you could clean the windows?
  • Make a collage photo book of people you can’t wait to see when lock down ends.
  • Make your own stencil and paint it on your bedroom window.
  • Give your neighbour a bunch of flowers from your garden.
  • Write a letter to each member of your family and tell them something you appreciate about them and a memory you cherish that includes them.
  • Place a towel on the grass in your backyard and look at the clouds. Breathing deeply, consider a goal you’re working towards and imagine both the steps to your goal and how you will feel once you achieve your goal
  • Make high tea with finger sandwiches and scones and have a garden picnic (inside if cold and wet out)
  • Gather some flowers, do leaf tracing, make a daisy chain, sketch in the garden
  • Listen to a podcast – there are so many on Spotify you are bound to find one to inspire or relax you
  • Have an Italian day (play music, make a three course feast including antipasti platter, pasta, tiramisu, etc. Design the menu, get food, make invitations, play bocce or improvise with some of your own dancing)
  • Make an Indian Feast from these easy recipes
  • If it's mostly avoiding social media that is key what about Zoom party that night with friends, create a song list, gather snacks etc.
  • Artist's retreat: make and createsomething that you have been wanting to do for ages
  • Journal writing - write a letter to
    • your ten-year-old self
    • your thirty-year-old self
    • someone you miss
      (Okay, you can have a Zoom session this weekend with friends to share your letters)
  • Have a “Biscuit Bake Off” - challenge a friend who lives close by or neighbour to bake a batch of biscuits than swap half a batch each so you both can enjoy each other's baking (physically distanced of course!)
  • Make a batch of playdough and deliver it to a street library or neighbour with small children
  • Get your school resources and notebooks organised to clear your mind for the weekend.