“I jarred my finger at training last week …”

May 8th, 2017
“I jarred my finger at training last week …”

A poignant message for all of us from College Co-Captain Niamh at a recent Assembly.

Well, we have only 9 weeks left of Term 2. 

I hope the past two weeks have been a fresh break from Term 1 for those who needed it. I hope you entered Term 2 feeling well rested after the holidays.

I jarred my finger at training last week. I watched as it bruised and swelled into a painful little fat sausage. I felt my whole hand was useless, I struggled to complete simple tasks, and my normal routine seemed no longer achievable. My sore isolated finger couldn’t cope, and I was unintentionally allowing it to get worse.

And then a wise friend told me that if I wanted it to recover, I should strap it to the finger next to it. As soon as I took that easy step, my bruised finger was supported and it started to grow stronger. I was able to do things that I couldn’t when it was alone, the recovery was quicker and the pain wasn’t nearly as noticeable or severe. Everything became manageable.

So I put it to you, don’t let yourself be the isolated person who is struggling alone, find yourself someone who can be your strength and support. Look for the good people in your lives, family, friends, team-mates, teachers, who can help you in a time when you need it.

If you are the support person, please make sure someone is also supporting you.

The first step of first aid says you do not let yourself get to a point of danger, you cannot take the steps to help others if you are not supported as well.

We are lucky we are part of this community where the values of hospitality, peace and justice are the foundations of who we are. Our College theme ‘Listen with the ear of your heart’ helps direct us to work together.

I hope that you find the motivation to work hard at school this term. Look out for others, and make the time to appreciate the positives throughout Term 2.