Knowledge Week: Truth Integrity Knowledge

June 3rd, 2019
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Every year the Learning Commons hosts its own celebration timed to coincide with Library Information Week and Melbourne’s own Knowledge Week.

This year’s theme of truth, integrity and knowledge (TIK) focused on how students are supported in these ideals as they learn in the classroom independently and when visiting the Learning Commons.

Lunchtime activities began with Speakers’ Corner where some passionate orators took a risk and challenged themselves by taking hold of the microphone and speaking about a topic that is close to their hearts. Standing up in front of your peers takes courage especially when speaking off the cuff.

Daily quiz challenges focused on the search for truth and knowledge and students were treated to a very special presentation by Alumna Rochelle Kirkham (2014). Rochelle spoke of her journey into journalism and her career at the Ballarat Courier. She had a special message about acting with integrity in all that you do and to be especially careful about the role we play in circulating information via social media.

Entrepreneur’s Day saw students set up their own market stalls with a wide variety of artisan goods which showcased some outstanding creative skills.

The week culminated in a Staff vs Students battle of the game show ‘Would I lie to you?’
Staff told fantastical tales while students used their questioning techniques to determine the truth and claim the win.

A truly enjoyable week for students.

Jennifer Cain
Head of Learning Commons