Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Mater Christi College is a vibrant, inclusive and warm community where girls feel safe, build friendships and become intelligent and reflective learners.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Groups are at the core of Mater Christi College’s Pastoral Program.

Within their Pastoral Group, students:

  • explore developmentally appropriate topics;
  • establish connections;
  • build resilience; and
  • strengthen their capacity to deal with life’s challenges constructively.

Each Pastoral Group consists of students from the same Year level and is led by a teacher who generally teaches the students in one other class. Students also belong to a House Group and will engage in a variety of House based activities that extend connectedness across the College.

Pastoral Group teachers oversee learning and wellbeing for students in their Pastoral Group and are supported in this task by Year Learning Co-ordinators. The Pastoral Group teacher offers a direct link between students, families and the College.

Our Pastoral Care Program is central to our vibrant, inclusive and warm community where girls feel safe, build friendships and become intelligent and reflective learners.


Wellbeing incorporates the physical, social, spiritual and emotional development of each student and is central to Mater Christi College’s learning and school improvement.

Students who experience a safe and effective learning environment with strong, supportive and trusting relationships are more likely to be engaged and connected at school.

We recognise that parents/guardians are the primary educators and nurturers of our students and we work in partnership with families to support the learning and wellbeing of our students.

The Pastoral Group teacher offers a first contact point with the College for parents/guardians and families. We encourage families to have regular communication with teachers, participate in Progress Meetings and contact the College whenever a need arises.

Click here for links to a range of valuable parenting resources.

Student Support Services

Student care is enhanced professionally through the provision of the Counselling Centre and Health Centre.

Registered psychologists collaborate with teachers to develop a pastoral care program for all students to support their learning and wellbeing and, as required, provide individual counselling and assessments. Ongoing or additional support needs are referred to appropriate agencies and mental health practitioners.

Registered nurses provide assistance for first aid needs, school-based care for students with chronic medical conditions and health care resources.

Parents may contact Student Support Services via email:

Click below to download Health Centre forms