Local interpretation of the Good Sam Story

Local interpretation of the Good Sam Story

We heard that today you’re exploring the Good Samaritan story, so we thought we’d share our thoughts with you.

Now this story – as it happens – is rather extreme. To be a Good Samaritan you don't have to wait until someone’s half dead on the side of the road to do something - although if a classmate has to get lunch from Cafe Bene - they are very much at risk of dying from boredom in that long line!

We can never know what other people are thinking. Whether they’re having a good day or a gloomy day. And small gestures or acts of kindness can mean the world of difference to girls having a gloomy day.

Cheering up our friends is something we often do, and we can do it easily. But cheering up or helping someone we don't know can be…scary.

But why is your friend deserving of your attention and comfort but not another girl? Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet, so don't be afraid to say “Hi!”, give a smile or comment on their Instagram - “Yassss girl. You look fierce!”

Whether it’s a stranger, someone you’ve had a fight with, someone you’re competing against, or enemies such as in the Good Samaritan story, offering love to others is one of the bravest and most honourable things you can do.

Adele and Beyoncé were exemplars of the story at the Grammys a few weeks ago. They were competitors, their fans created a massive rivalry between them leading up to the awards night. But when Adele won, she gave nothing but love to her rival.

These two women were in an environment so full of anger and hate. But in a time where she had worked so hard and just beat the ultimate queen… she stopped - defied everyone’s expectations and did not pass over Beyoncé. Despite everyone expecting her to relish her hard-earned spotlight, she shared her spotlight, her moment of glory and her respect for Beyoncé as an artist and a person.

But if only we were Beyoncé or Adele getting nominated for a Grammy! What can we do at school to be like this modern day Good Samaritan story?

Acting as a Good Sam can come in many shapes and sizes. Tell that girl who has swapped up her usual hair style how rocking she looks - she isn't going to burst into flames. Tell the netball defender - who keeps blocking your goals - that she is amazing. Let that girl doing the ‘I need the toilet now jog’ go ahead of you in the bathroom line.

We are all human (I hope), and we will all need help from a Samaritan some time or another. So, the more Samaritans there are running about, the quicker everyone can get back on their feet, the quicker everyone can help others - and create a positive cycle.

Let nothing hold you back from being a Good Samaritan.
Divisions between us, only exist when we believe in them.
There is no popular girl that can’t Snapchat a sporty girl,
No Essendon supporter that can’t hang out with a Collingwood supporter,
No Samaritan that can’t help a Jew,
No rivalry that can ever stop love and support.

Go out and be Queens of Mater.

Corinne Carlyon – Faith and Liturgy Co-Captain