Mature, purposeful and balanced – 2019 College Dux Jess


Ensuring balance between her family, social and study commitments
was key to Jess's success

Jess commenced at Mater Christi College in Year 10 when her family moved to the hills. With the support of her teachers and fellow students she adapted to her new environment and quickly formed new friendships. 

“I have really enjoyed the last three years at Mater. The teachers have been incredibly supportive and I have gained some lifelong friends. Being surrounded by friends and teachers who were always willing to help out, made it possible for me to do my best and try my hardest.”

Jess was purposeful and brought a mature perspective to her VCE studies. She had clear goals, was organised, sought assistance and ensured she kept a balance of family, social and study commitments. 

Jess hopes to ultimately work in the field of neuropsychology.  She achieved an ATAR of 98.1 and will continue her studies in Science at the University of Melbourne this year.