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Update from the Victorian Young Leaders to China (VYLC)

November 11th, 2019


While there were some tears and anxiety as we set off from Mater Christi at the beginning of our trip, we were ready to take on the adventure ahead of us. The atmosphere on the bus, on the way to the airport, was reflective of how we were all feeling - scared, tired, anxious, but mostly excited!

As we waited to depart from Melbourne (Tullamarine) Airport, we were joined by students from the other schools involved: Auburn, Phoenix and Traralgon College.

International kudos for our Learning Commons

November 7th, 2019

Emerging technologies and access to seemingly unlimited information was seen by some as an existential threat to libraries.

However, enlightened teacher-librarians saw opportunities to transform their services, adapt to the new information literacy needs of students and to become a hub of support for wider learning.

Principal’s Desk – 7 November 2019

November 7th, 2019

Our year together is flying by.  For some, this may mean that Christmas is but seven weeks away, while others may be amazed to realise that we are in week five of this final term, past the midway mark. The many significant events – farewells to Year 12s, welcomes to Year 7s of 2020, appointment of next year’s student leaders, VCE exams, celebrations of sporting achievements, wishing our Victorian Young Leaders to China group safe travel, preparations for the final Year 9 Adventure Camp in the Grampians… tell it all; much is happening at this time for this school community!

I congratulate and thank students who have led the way across these various activities, especially those passing on their wisdom (and tips) to the next school generation.

Celebrating the Class of 2019

November 7th, 2019


On Monday 21 October, the Year 12 Class of 2019 celebrated completing their final year of formal schooling. The students spent the day enjoying each other's company and participating in pastoral activities with pastoral teachers for one last time.

2019 Sports Awards Night

November 7th, 2019



On 18 October we held our annual Sports Awards Night. The focus of the night was to celebrate and recognise the hard work and sporting achievements of Mater Christi students throughout the year.

Over 300 guests attended the evening to support our students.

Semester 2 Reports and Progress Meetings

The central role of Progress Meetings is to provide individual feedback to students and parents, so we encourage everyone to make use of this opportunity to discuss student learning.

The focus of Progress Meetings is to involve all members of the learning partnership, the student, parent and teacher, in a conversation about student progress, development and direction.

Resilience – A SchoolTV Resource

October 28th, 2019

Resilience is one of those skills that we all need. It refers to our ability to cope and adapt in situations when confronted with challenges such as adversity, trauma, tragedy, or even stress.

It is essential for the mental health and wellbeing of young people as part of their journey to adulthood.

Mater Christi Valedictory Mass 2019

October 28th, 2019

During his homily at the Year 12 Farewell Mass, Fr Chris Ford urged us to recognise that we are “the salt of the earth”. Below is his full presentation.

In the ancient world, salt was extremely valuable because of its remarkable qualities. There is a story that the English word salary derives from the Latin word for salt, sal / salus, because Roman soldiers were paid in salt.

2019 Mullum VET Cluster Awards

October 22nd, 2019

Last Monday night, these competent and motivated students received awards as part of their VET studies within the Mullum VET Cluster.

Congratulations to all on their outstanding success.

Certificate III in Allied Health Service Assistance

Merit: Imagen Reibelt, Keeley Bakes
Excellence: Molly Mardy, Molly King, Chloe Grandia

Certificate III in Early Childhood and Care

Merit: Anna Bullock

Certificate III in Sports and Recreation

Merit: Rahni Hubery
Excellence: Ruby Fransen

Certificate II Hospitality

Excellence: Rhianna Little

Second year Hospitality

Merit: Madeline Steele
Excellence: Gabriella McFarlane

Certificate II Beauty services

Excellence: Makayla Hughes

France Trip

October 17th, 2019


On Monday 16 September, 23 students and four teachers embarked on the trip of a lifetime to France. We were excited and nervous about the adventure ahead, as we said goodbye and headed to the airport.

Arriving in Paris was very exciting.