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Semester One Reports and Progress Meetings

Progress Meetings play an integral role in the communication between home and school and provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their learning, seek input from parents and teachers, and set goals for the term to come. Students are encouraged to lead the discussion, with the support of their teachers, as we believe that they are more likely to grow if they take responsibility for their learning.

Making the most of education

Determined to make the most of her education, 2018 Year 12 student Saasha is driven by her desire to make a difference and create opportunities for others.

Saasha has long recognised the privilege of a good education.

A new direction pays off

A change of direction in Year 10 ensured 2018 Year 12 student Maddison stayed engaged and motivated in her studies. At school and in life Maddison's approach is to trust her own instincts and make things happen.

Maddison says she “doesn’t really have any passions” but her approach to life, success at school and plans for the future, indicate otherwise.

Getting involved – a key to success

2018 College Co-Captain Emily took every opportunity to be involved and to challenge herself during her time at Mater Christi.  Her self-motivation and passion to do her best paid off in more ways than one.

“I have loved my time at Mater.

Big dreams within reach

Year 12 2018 student Katie is determined to become a Paediatric Neonatal Surgeon. If her Year 12 results and attitude to learning are any indication, she’s sure to achieve her dream.

After moving house several times, Mater Christi became Katie’s sixth school.

Itching to make a difference

2018 Year 12 student Jessica says being at Mater Christi taught her that women are strong and have the ability to bring about change in the world. Now she wants to study Law, do something meaningful and make the world a better place.

Year 9 Careers Day

May 2nd, 2019


On 23 April the Year 9 students participated in a Careers Day.

We started with an assembly to talk about what was happening for the day, then moved on to completing quizzes and discovering different careers in areas that we have an interest in.

Principal’s Desk – 2 May 2019

May 2nd, 2019

Welcome back to the start of Term 2 and I trust that we are all rested and re-energised  following the holiday break.

We return with the commencement of the Easter season, fifty days when Christian people celebrate the Risen Christ.  As Joan Chittister explains:

Resurrection testifies to the metamorphosis of the Jesus of history to the Christ of faith.

General Excellence Scholarships 2020

Open to Year 9 2019 students
Each year Mater Christi College awards a number of full and half scholarships to students entering Year 10 who have demonstrated excellence in their studies and their school life.

The three-year scholarship is designed to support students who wish to complete their Year 10 and VCE studies at Mater Christi.

5 things to remember about NAPLAN

It’s almost NAPLAN time and as the community debate re-commences, students and teachers at Mater Christi College are at the ready.

Students nationwide in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will complete four tests covering reading, writing, language conventions and numeracy between 14 – 16 May.