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Year 8 IDU Day

April 1st, 2019

On 27 March, Year 8 students listened to Robyn Mansfield speak on disaster relief and prevention as part of their Interdisciplinary Unit (IDU) Day.

Robyn is passionate about designing cities with vulnerable communities and specialises in elevating the voices of children in decision-making processes.

Grief and Loss – A SchoolTV Resource

Grief is a natural response to loss. It might be the loss of a loved one, relationship or even a pet. The more significant the loss, the more intense the grief is likely to be. Students and adults grieve differently due to their developmental stage, and this can prove difficult for parents to understand.

Prioritising the important things

During the busyness of Year 12, 2018 College Co-Captain Sophie had a simple but effective approach - “I prioritised the important things – health, study, family and friends and had a great year”.

Sophie maintains a healthy perspective on life and her studies and always tries to “find ways to enjoy each day”. She looks with great affection and satisfaction on her time at Mater Christi and her final year as College Co-Captain.

The best of both worlds

2018 Year 12 student Nicki is in the enviable position of being offered her first preference course of Criminology & Psychological Sciences alongside her budding football career.

When Nicki moved to Mater Christi in Year 10, she was seeking “more focus on studies and more opportunities and challenges”. She quickly settled into the College and felt welcomed and supported.

Inter-school Golf Tournament

March 19th, 2019

On 18 March, 13 schools competed in an 18-hole golf tournament at Waverley Golf Course.  Mater Christi was proudly represented by Taylah Robinson and Piper Wilson.

The day presented itself with immaculate weather for the girls to compete under clear blue skies.

Response to the Christchurch Tragedy

The shocking events in Christchurch are confronting and distressing. It is impossible to fully understand the impact of this horrific crime on ourselves as well as upon Muslim communities.

As adults and parents we may struggle to explain or even discuss this tragedy with children.

The complementary nature of music and science

2018 Year 12 student Clancy hit the perfect balance between two passions,
music and science.

Watching the movie Finding Nemo when she was four years old sparked Clancy’s passion for nature and the sea and set her on an unwavering path to becoming a Marine Biologist.

Principal’s Desk – 7 March 2019

Our Lenten journey began this week with Ash Wednesday and all students participated in class liturgies where ashes were distributed and the Lenten season introduced. Students were reminded that:

“Lent is a time when we pray, act kindly and with mercy towards other people, give up things we enjoy and give to others, as we prepare to celebrate the great feast of Easter… (It) is a time of hope as we renew our relationship with God… (when) we are also making our journey with families around the world living in poverty, especially those who are unable to earn enough money to have the basic things they need like an education, medicine, food or clothing.