News & Events

Middle School Cross Country 2017

The MCC Middle School’s Cross Country event took place last Friday, June 2. We couldn’t have asked for better weather for the competition as it turned out to be a perfect day with the sun shining.  It was great to see all the girls giving it a go even if they were walking!

The girls enjoyed  lunch at Grant’s Picnic Ground before walking back to school for the awards.

Try stuff that you never thought of doing before

June 4th, 2017

McKinsey & Company is a Global Management Consulting firm. They recently produced a series of short videos on the future of work. Below is one of those videos, "What skills will be needed?".

Robots have long carried out routine physical activities, but increasingly machines can also take on more sophisticated tasks.

Personal Project – People’s Choice Award

My Personal Project goal was to research different mental illnesses and understand, to the best of my ability, what it is like to live through such experiences. I created a book called ‘Live’ which focused on my goal and presented my research in an informative way that allowed me to share my findings with others.

College Uniform

Now that we are well and truly into Winter, we ask that you ensure that your daughter is wearing her uniform according to College expectations.

Wearing the uniform well signals a commitment to belonging to our community and we appreciate your support in this way.

SCSA Athletics 2017

May 29th, 2017

On Friday 19 May our Athletics Team competed in SCSA Division 1 Athletics Competition.

The overcast skies did not dampen the attitude of the girls who were kept busy all day in a full schedule of events.  Their efforts and sportsmanship was exceptional.

SCSA Basketball 2017

May 29th, 2017

On Monday 22 May our Basketball teams competed in the SCSA Division 1 Basketball Competition. Considering the busy schedule, the girls played exceptionally well.

Congratulations to the Intermediate and Senior teams for making it into their grand final games.

Personal Project – Healthy Seeds

For my Personal Project I created a kit to help consumers plant a healthy garden. The kit contained seeds, tools and other resources to start the garden. I sold this to friends, family and some of my teachers and donated all profits to Mental Health Australia.