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Wellbeing Checklist – A SchoolTV Special Report

The global pandemic is having a profound impact on our adolescents with many being forced to miss out on so many rites of passage. Some are becoming more anxious or depressed which is completely understandable given the current situation. However, should your teen display any unusual behaviour that lasts for more than 2-3 weeks, it may be a cause for concern.

Happiness & Gratitude – A SchoolTV resource

Happiness is a term that captures a huge variety of positive emotions such as humour, serenity, optimism, joy, pride, inspiration, love and hope.

Happiness means different things, to different people and is essential to your understanding of emotional literacy.

MaterChat – voices of learning

Students sometimes create podcasts as part of their courses to explore, describe or reflect on experiences. Producing a podcast draws on a broad range of communication skills - understanding an audience, planning the content, putting voice to the story as well as the technical skills.

Naturally creative


For the Textile’s Unit - 'On the Runway' I am creating a one-piece overall outfit.

Sustainability is a key aspect that we need to incorporate in our design. I began to research the dying process and soon discovered the impact synthetic dyes are having on the environment.

Principal’s Desk – 23 April 2020

As we experience the many severe and sudden changes to our lives, especially in the way our College community gathers, teaches and learns, we are most truly experiencing an Easter ‘moment in history like none other.’  (Catherine McCahill, sgs, The Good Oil, April)  

In this month’s The Good Oil, Catherine’s message offers an insightful and inspiring

Top 7 reminders for the week

April 20th, 2020

We had a fabulous start to the term last week thanks to the commitment and positive approach of our students and staff. To keep up the momentum we now need to settle into routines and adopt a sustainable approach that will see us through the rest of the Term.

Maintaining balance

Balance has been the key to Georgia’s success at school. As an academic person, primarily interested in maths and science subjects, she also loves sport and the outdoors and used these to find balance and motivation. 

“I didn’t want to give up other parts of my life just to do well in Year 12. I kept my job, continued with the sports I love and spent time with friends and family.

Principal’s Desk – 26 March 2020

March 26th, 2020


Despite the uncertainty around us all, our final week of term ended on a high. After lots of planning beforehand, teachers were delighted with the positive feedback from so many students and their parents following our first day of online lessons.

Home schooling is like a trip around Australia

March 26th, 2020

With thanks to Kate Fogarty, Principal Assumption College, Kilmore.


Maybe think of home-schooling in isolation like a big trip around Australia…

We all know families who pack up the van & take off to circumnavigate the country, right?? Six months later they reappear, their kids go back to school and reintegrate into their learning and the schooling routines without too much drama.