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Where are they now? Amy Muratore (2005)

I graduated Mater Christi in 2005 with fierce focus and a serious plan. I was accepted in the Victorian College of the Arts to study Sculpture and Spatial practice. 

I’ve done a lot since then. I completed art school, studied abroad, exhibited my work, travelled all over the world, bought a house and got married.

Where are they now? Simone Bosua (2005)

Ten years ago I completed my VCE at Mater Christi and today (3 November 2015) I finished my last day of medical school. I have achieved my dream.

It took time. 

It took hard work, resilience and a growth mindset.

Where are they now? Emily Finch (2005)

When I left Mater Christi in 2005 I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I liked science so I decided to do a science degree. As it turned out, I hated it. I stopped going to uni because I didn’t enjoy any of my classes. To cut a long story short, I failed horribly and decided to take a semester off.

Where are they now? Antoinette Gamley (1990)

I graduated from Mater Christi in 1990 with no clear idea what to do next. I studied economics at La Trobe, however it wasn’t for me. Yet study interested me enough to try something else; marketing. I really thrived in this field which resulted in a diverse career with a global hotel chain, Nike and Jim Beam Brands Australia.

Where are they now? Sarah Whitelaw (1995)

I have always thought I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. The beauty of getting older is that you become wiser and have far more opportunities than ever before.  

After graduating from Mater Christi in 1995, I decided to work for 12 months before moving to the Gold Coast where I completed 18 months of a Bachelor of Health Science course.

Where are they now? Karen Chua (1995)

During my VCE years at Mater Christi, I had my heart set on becoming a Police Officer.  My sense of adventure and wanting to go into a career which genuinely helped people was what made me want to go into Law Enforcement.

Whilst I got a placement to study Accounting at Swinburne University, I had still applied for and unfortunately failed my first attempt at getting in with Victoria Police.

Where are they now? Georgina Spiers (2010)

I graduated from Mater Christi in 2010 knowing that my passion was Geology.

I completed and honours degree in 2014  in Applied Science – Geology, with a major interest in the development of  Gold in Victoria. 

At University I have been involved in overseas study tours in Thailand and New Zealand, along with various study trips throughout Australia.

Where are they now? Georgia McLean (2010)

After Graduating from Mater Christi in 2010, I jumped straight into an AFL Sportsready traineeship in the Community Department at Hawthorn Football Club. This was a huge step for me both personally and professionally as I always had a keen interest in working within the sporting industry.