Where are they now? Karen Chua (1995)

During my VCE years at Mater Christi, I had my heart set on becoming a Police Officer.  My sense of adventure and wanting to go into a career which genuinely helped people was what made me want to go into Law Enforcement.

Whilst I got a placement to study Accounting at Swinburne University, I had still applied for and unfortunately failed my first attempt at getting in with Victoria Police.  I was undeterred and continued my Accounting studies.  It was when I failed to get into Victoria Police the second time round, I realised that this wasn’t meant to be.

Nevertheless, as life would have it, I completed my Bachelor of Accounting and scored a job as an Underwriting Assistant with a reputable Insurance company.  Ever since then, I have been working in the Insurance industry and very much enjoying it.  In fact, at the age of 38, I become a qualified Financial Planner and a member of the Association of Financial Advisers.

I am also married with two beautiful sons and have had the privilege of being able to travel and enjoy water sports.

What would my message be for our young Mater Christi girls?  It would that we never know where life takes us. In the perfect world, I would have been a Police officer, probably never had the same opportunity to travel and definitely could not see a future in Finance.  Sometimes, life just takes a detour and that’s ok! 

Karen Chua  - Peer Year 1995

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