Where are they now? Sarah Whitelaw (1995)

I have always thought I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. The beauty of getting older is that you become wiser and have far more opportunities than ever before.  

After graduating from Mater Christi in 1995, I decided to work for 12 months before moving to the Gold Coast where I completed 18 months of a Bachelor of Health Science course. After becoming quite homesick I returned to Melbourne and completed my Heath Science degree, majoring in Naturopathy.  I have always been interested in health and became interested in complementary medicine and how this could work with pharmaceuticals.  It really encouraged me to become open-minded and I thoroughly enjoyed helping people regain their health. 

I still felt that I was missing something in my life so after graduating I worked full time in pharmacy and ventured overseas to experience the other side of the world. I spent an amazing 10 weeks travelling through Nepal, India, Tibet and Sri Lanka before settling down in London for 2.5 years. My overseas trips have been very important and influential experiences and have taught me so much more than any degree could.  However, travelling does not pay the bills!

In London I worked as a PA for a pharmaceutical company and after meeting my now husband, returned to Australia and set up home on the Central Coast NSW.  While bringing up two beautiful daughters, I completed my Bachelor of Science with a Diploma of Education as a mature age student and am now enjoying a full time position teaching Science. 

I feel as though I have come full circle being back in a classroom and I thank my wonderful Biology teacher, Mrs Gray (RIP), for being my inspiration. I am really enjoying teaching adolescents and the challenges that come with it. 

Sarah Mills (née Whitelaw) - Class of 1995

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