Personal Project – Australian Stringhalt in Horses

My horse was diagnosed with a strange disorder in February 2016, called ‘Stringhalt’. As part of my Personal Project I decided to make sense of my horse’s unfortunate struggle with the condition, and conducted an investigation through research and observation in order to come to a scientific conclusion.

In summary, my goal was to develop a better understanding of ‘Stringhalt’, to find answers after a long and excruciating experience, and to summarise my findings to make sense of what happened.

Stringhalt, more specifically ‘Australian Stringhalt’, is a pasture-related neurological disorder that forces horses to move with hyeprflexion of the hind limb. This creates a goose-stepping action that can range in severity, to the point where horses may have to be euthanised because of the extremity. Horses cannot be ridden when they have Stringhalt, and it can affect the horse’s condition, comfort and performance.

During Personal Project I learnt information that has helped me to understand the complexity of the disorder and as a result of my knowledge, my horse has now recovered.

Phoebe Wilhelm - Year 10

In the final year of the Middle Years Program (MYP) Year 10 each student completes a Personal Project, a significant investigative work that is the product of the student’s own initiative and creativity.

The aim of the MYP project is to encourage and enable students to participate in a sustained, self-directed inquiry within a global context and demonstrate the skills, attitudes and knowledge required to complete a project over an extended period of time.

Students are expected to choose a project, which can take many forms, and take the process through to completion under the supervision of a staff member in the College.