Personal Projects 2020

Congratulations to Year 10 students who successfully completed the MYP Personal Project amid the additional challenges of 2020.

The independent learning inquiry began in February when students researched a topic of interest and created a product to achieve a goal based on personal interests. A written report included reflections on learning, the development of skills and an evaluation of the success of the product.

The students demonstrated high levels of resilience, adaptability and creativity throughout the inquiry.

Again this year, there was a wide diversity of projects such as family histories, community health initiatives, environmental protection research, re-purposing furniture, sustainable design and creative expression through music and art.

Congratulations to the following students who attained a particularly high level of achievement:

  • Jasmine Andrews
  • Anastasia Armitage
  • Sienna Cross
  • Indie Gaunt
  • Cassidy Germano
  • Susoen Hellier
  • Jade Hendy
  • Catherine La Ponder
  • Talia Laurence
  • Allanah Major
  • Megan Prass
  • Daisy Pritchard
  • Bronya Robinson
  • Jess Silva
  • Alana Spiteri
  • Brianna Wilcox
  • Madison Zapanta

This short video provides a small insight into the remarkable and diverse learning opportunities available through the Personal Project. Enjoy!

Head of Learning Commons | Personal Project Coordinator