Principal’s Desk – 16 September 2021

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I write this at the end of a term which began optimistically with no masks and school onsite and ends tomorrow with the completion of eight weeks of remote learning.  As a College, we are grateful for the messages of support from families and know that these weeks of learning from home have certainly not been without challenge.

In a term where the school building has mostly stood empty, we are thankful for anything that allows us to gather (even virtually) with students.  So, the 2022 Student Leadership application process has brought a smile to many faces.  We were overwhelmed by the speeches the Year 11 aspirant leaders delivered; they were thoughtful, insightful and impassioned.  Each student spoke about the importance of women in leadership, of listening to diverse voices, and revealed their own significant role models.  While there were some famous names, I was deeply touched to hear some girls speaking of their own mother or father as the person they admired most.

In interviewing these students prior to voting and selection, it became clear they understood that leadership sometimes (mostly) comes with a cost. Leaders cannot always do what is popular, but they must listen to diverse viewpoints and use these to try to do what is right.  I am grateful to them for reminding us of what St Benedict knew too well, that “the Lord often reveals what is better to the younger”.

I include the 2022 Student Leaders below, they are worth celebrating.

College Captains: Jasmine Andrews, Sienna Cross
Faith and Liturgy Captains: Emma Beckwith, Catalina Macfarlane,
Social Justice & Stewardship Captains: Rachel Webb, Alexandra Kund, Allanah Major
Arts Captains: Mackenzie Carter, Indiana Gaunt, Jessica Silva
Sport Captains: Maudie Paterson, Madison Zapanta
STEM Captains: Cassidy Germano, Bronya Robinson
Chisholm House Captains: Rubey Philip, Sienna Reeves
Gibbons House Captains: Jessie Thomas, Kaitlyn Wyborn
Lyons House Captains: Meg Groeneveld, Gabrielle Blewer
Mackillop House Captains: Lily Calvert, Brianna Wilcox

Let us not forget that leadership exists well beyond formal positions. There are many who lead in our school and in our community without ever being presented with a badge.  I wish to thank our teachers and education support staff who have transformed their professional practice to meet the needs of our students, and support colleagues and families during this term.  I extend my thanks on behalf of the College to all essential workers and their families who have supplied our basic needs and worked for our health and safety.

As you would be aware, there is still uncertainty about the school settings for Term 4. As soon as we know the settings, we will contact all families.

I wish all students a safe, restful and screen free break.

Maria Haggett, Educator, Principal