Principal’s Desk – 23 August 2017

It was the coldest of days… but this could not dampen the enthusiasm of students and staff throughout last week’s Mater Day celebrations.

Congratulations to all who supported this event, starting with our Mass celebration – well done to our new Year 7 Choir, followed by many fundraiser stalls – whoever wouldn’t pay for a snack on Krispy Kremes, an icey cone and fairy floss?. Let’s be clear, no animals were harmed by any of these – there were no leftovers!

After a quick but effective cleanup, the Hall became the place, with an audience quivering with excitement (or was it an overload of sugar?) yet systematically encouraged, tantalised and then competently controlled by the Arts Student Leader team.

Each House performance delighted an increasingly receptive audience, with zany scenarios, cheeky lines, funky dances and the occasional – no, quite frequent, quirky impersonation. While scoring differentiated some, all were winners in my book of participation!

In terms of learning outcomes… perhaps some new subjects for consideration – Drones for Detention, Tips from the Lord Farquaad Leadership School, Fundraising Pockets for Principals, Using the Joker effectively……

Overall, a great celebration of ‘informed, compassionate and very creative’ people.
Fr Thang began our day reflecting from the example of Mary, the mother of Jesus. He highlighted the need for us all to listen, to respond, to act (to say our yes to God) and then to spend time in quiet reflection, to pray, to give our listening hearts to God.

As a College which takes its name from Mary, I hope that the experience of being part of a faithful, hopeful, caring and most recently ‘hyper-active’ school community will inspire all of us to being authentically Christian, ‘listening with the ear of (y)our heart’.

I thank everyone for supporting our Mater Day of wellbeing, fundraising and celebration.

Mary Fitz-Gerald, Principal