Principal’s Desk – 5 September 2017

It was a capacity audience across all six performances of our first combined musical production, a great achievement indeed for a musical performance shared across two schools – St Joseph’s and Mater Christi College – for the first time.

As the inaugural Mater Christi & St Joseph’s Colleges musical production, Mary Poppins was a great achievement on many fronts, not the least being that it was delightfully entertaining.

Precise dancing routines were matched with a highly competent student orchestra.  Lead roles were capably performed, interspersed with some memorable cameos.  Individual vocals were successfully paired with an enthusiastic chorus.

And beyond the performance itself were the many students and staff who ensured so many smooth scene transitions.  Props had been competently constructed by VCAL students, painted by others and carefully chosen, all supporting a high quality of technical support for the acting team.  In addition to competent lighting and sound, technology provided creative flying effects!

Running along concurrently was our annual Art Show, with some outstanding and quality works on display from students across the year levels.  Works included precise sketches, colourful images, vibrant posters, careful photos - all diverse in style, medium and message.  I am always excited and in awe of the grand imaginations and insightful reflection expressed through a student’s lens.  Well done to all whose work was displayed.

Both events require great commitment from students and staff – and parents! - over many months and I certainly commend all who were directly involved.  Additionally, much went on behind the scenes… in both Colleges, so my thanks to all who supported these events in ways big and small, known and unknown.

In conclusion, we have enjoyed an outstanding celebration of young artists in action from our Colleges. Doubtless some will need more than ‘a spoonful of regular days’ to adjust to life ‘without Mary Poppins’.  But, if needing more, then I invite you all to attend the senior students’ Caritas Variety Night concert, on Friday 15 September, 7:30pm at St Joseph’s College.  This fundraiser is organized by the Student Leaders of both schools and provides yet another opportunity for sharing talents, acting with generosity and supporting social justice actions.


Mary Fitz-Gerald