Principal’s Desk – 31 July 2017

There are times in the life of College Principal when all is so good… and never more so, than when hearing young voices as at last week’s Senior School Assembly.  Not only were their reports carefully crafted about the various fundraising efforts, sporting achievements and holiday activities.  Of greatest effect was their delivery, sprinkled liberally with contemporary insights and lots of good humour

First of all was Tess and Hayley’s tale of our recent Presentation Ball, where the sophistication of many a dress was almost undone as photos revealed that most practical of dancing attire… a pair of runners!

Next up was a well-crafted reminder from Social Justice Captains, Elissa and Caitlin, that care for our neighbour, compassion, solidarity, awareness, involvement… “aren’t ‘school things’ in the same way that we think of homework and study and uniform… they are ‘life things’… an opportunity to learn life skills, in supporting the work of the Good Samaritan Sisters around the world. We are so lucky to have opportunity to learn what it means to be part of community, not just a school, but a community which relies on the awareness and involvement of everyone. So let’s participate accordingly.”

Arts Captains, Grace and Hayley, highlighted busy times past (Music Camp, Chalk Art) and ahead (Mary Poppins, HPAC for Mater Day) followed by Sports Captains, Rachel and Kiara’s, summary of competition results from Term 2.  Their mixing of titles delighted many.

Not to be forgotten, Chelsea and Alex provided a comprehensive report of Year 10 activities, before Personal Project High Achiever Certificates were presented.  Students listened carefully to the information about our VCAL program as an alternative graduation certificate, and then enjoyed news about holiday programs - GSE Outreach Ministry, Global Young Leaders Conference and the Victorian Youth Parliament program.

Students were ‘all ears’ for Emily as she identified the new perspectives gained from her 10 days in New York, at the Global Young Leaders Conference with over 300 other students.

“Before going to America, I rarely watched or read the news, I was just living in my bubble totally oblivious to everything that was happening in the world… Seeing so many people coming together all with the same goal, to learn about and create global relationships made the world seem so much smaller and that with will and hard work I could achieve anything I wanted to…  This made all of my problems or worries seem much smaller as I realised there are much bigger issues than if I have finished my homework or not. I know that sounds cheesy but honestly after being on this conference I can say that this trip has changed my life.”

Feedback from our Youth Parliamentarians highlighted a new appreciation of how bills come to be passed.  As Georgia recognised, her new understanding of how Bills are drafted, written up and passed through the Houses will also link back to my Legal Studies unit as I will be able to use this practical experience of being in Parliament to help with my studies.” 

The program was strongly recommended as it was fun, a “once in a lifetime opportunity to make new like-minded friends from all over Victoria” and most succinctly as providing the realisation that “all voices must be used and heard” to ensure a healthy democracy.

Two quality performances from singer, Teah, and pianists, Chloe and Shikari, provided welcome interludes before the College Captains, Niamh and Corinne, ended proceedings with droll insights and some advice?   “Term 2 was a shocker. 11 weeks of exertion that left not many of us unscathed… So look out for others, look after yourself, and keep working hard as we push through term 3 together.”

So let’s all take the advice… work hard, especially so we can enjoy the next term Assembly.

Mary Fitz-Gerald, Principal