Year 8 Medieval Day

September 17th, 2018


On the 11th day, of the month September, of the year 2018, the Year 8 students had Ye Olde Medieval Day.

The day included many, many awesome activities as well as dressing up like people from Medieval times.

The activities included sword fighting, ‘battling a war’, playing instruments, trying on new outfits and playing Medieval games.

I learnt so many new things. I learnt that one body suit of chainmail weighs 11kg and that they had a version of a flute, which was a horn with holes in it.

To me, the best experience was definitely being able to dress up in Medieval style!

Erin McPeake, 8E

Medieval Day is a really fun day where we experience what it was like in the Medieval times.

A group of people ran activities for us.  The activities were about clothing, games, music, armour and weapons in medieval times.

I learnt so much about the music and instruments they used and the games they played as children to help them when they were older with strategies.

I really enjoyed how everyone could participate in activities that were interactive and fun. My favourite activity was when we made a shield wall to block tennis balls from hitting us.

 Suseon Hellier, 8A

Medieval day is when the Year 8 students spend the day learning and discovering about Medieval times.

We dressed up in Medieval styled clothes, played Viking games, listened to music and messed around with armour and weapons.

We learnt that there was an instrument called the hurdy gurdy, also called the lazy violin, and it was really weird and cool. We learnt that chainmail is extremely heavy, and that people put even more armour on, over the top of the chainmail.

We learnt that different social groups had different clothing and the Vikings played games that also helped them to train for battle.

I enjoyed fake sword battles with my friends and dancing around to Medieval music.

All in all, Medieval Day was a really fun and informative day that I’ll never forget.

 Lexie Walsh, 8A