Semester Two reports and progress meetings

The central role of Progress Meetings is to provide individual feedback to students and parents, so we encourage everyone to make use of this opportunity to discuss student learning.

The focus of Progress Meetings is to involve all  members of the learning partnership, the student, parent and teacher, in a conversation about student progress, development and direction. Students are encouraged to lead the discussion about their progress. We believe that the student is more likely to grow and progress if she reflects upon, owns and takes responsibility for her learning.

Progress Meeting Bookings via Parent Portal
open Monday 3 December, 9:00am
close Wednesday 12 December, 12:00pm
Year 7 - 11 Semester Reports available via Parent Portal
Tuesday 11 December, 3:00pm
Progress Meetings
Wednesday 12 December, 4:00 - 7:30pm

Click here to view the booking instructions which will also be placed on the Portal.

Occasionally, a teacher may be unavailable for interviews. If parents are unable to book an interview with an individual teacher, they are invited to contact the teacher via email and she/he will respond as soon as possible.

Leah Eekelschot - Director of Curriculum