July 31st, 2018


After a week of strong winds and torrential rain, we were blessed with a perfect day for the SCSA footy round robin on Wednesday 25 July. The pristine conditions bolstered the enthusiasm and energy of our Senior and Junior teams who proved to be strong competitors.

Our Juniors were the first to make their mark on the competition.  Madyson Merrett kicked three goals to finish their round with two strong wins. The semi-final proved a tougher task for the team, who fell just short of making the grand final.

Our Seniors however, were a force to be reckoned with right from the first game. Coming in as the underdogs, their determination and attack on the footy was brilliant. They performed strongly all day, earning themselves a spot in the grand final.

Catholic Ladies College had the upper hand in the first half of the game, but this was not enough for our girls to drop their heads. With sheer persistence and determination, they waged an amazing comeback.

A goal saving spoil from Tegan Stephenson, and mark from Ruby Southam in our defensive 50, sparked a coast to coast run.  The game culminated in a goal from Chelcie Farrall, right on the siren, securing our grand final win.

We were all proud of the players as strong and fair competitors with exceptional sportsmanship.

Belle Price

AFL Trainee

Junior Team

Emily Wellington

Jennifer Sahely

Emily Herter

Georgia O’Halloran

Ashlynn O’Halloran

Madyson Merrett

Ruby Merrett

Ally Smart

Mia Peeters

Jessica Pacevski

Aly-Jack Robinson

Ashleigh Thomson

Sammy Beecroft

Evie Bamford

Charlie Bakker

Jessie Jordan

Hannah Hodges

Nikki Stanic

Alicia Masterson

Taylah Diedrich


Senior Team

Nicki Cormack

Georgia Robinson

Tegan Stephenson

Jessica Dunning

Zoe Haritos

Hayley Mafrici

Chelsea Verrell

Chelcie Farrall

Zarli Vandenberg

Ruby Southam

Elyse Richards-West

Olivia Ryan

Sophie Clarke

Josephine Saltalamacchia

Emily du Vallon

Gemma Masterson

Trinity West