SCSA Basketball 2017

May 29th, 2017

On Monday 22 May our Basketball teams competed in the SCSA Division 1 Basketball Competition. Considering the busy schedule, the girls played exceptionally well.

Congratulations to the Intermediate and Senior teams for making it into their grand final games.

The Intermediate team had a thrilling grand final, which resulted in a 1-point loss.

Our Senior team lost to the strongest team on the day and finished 2nd.

Overall we finished 3rd.

Junior Team

  • Madyson Merrett
  • Ruby Merrett
  • Nikki Stanic
  • Zoe De Wit
  • Pranita Bagri
  • Emily Wellington
  • Rhianna Little
  • Imasha Nonis
  • Meg Robinson

Intermediate Team

  • Emily Du Vallon
  • Tegan Stephenson
  • Trinity West
  • Jordyn Yeoman
  • Georgia Robinson
  • Sarah Donald
  • Ari Dousset
  • Willow Cleary

Senior Team

  • Felicity Schill
  • Blaney Murphy
  • Ella Bateman
  • Naomi Smith
  • Allison McMahon
  • Anatastia Papakatsikas
  • Tahlia Merret
  • Nicole Cormack

Paige Whitworth - AFL Trainee