Express yourself through the Arts

October 24th, 2022
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While Arts subjects may differ in their focus, from physical to visual expression, all require the development of an idea or intent, research around the different ways the intent could be expressed, experimentation and exploration of the possibilities, and an ultimate piece of work. All enhanced by a unique individual perspective.

Senior students, Jess and Daisy (Year 12) and Emily (Year 11) have enjoyed artistic pursuits ever since they were young. While each demonstrates a clear passion and talent for a particular discipline – Jess for Studio Art, Emily for Dance and Daisy for Visual Communication Design - there is a commonality between them, a need and desire for self-exploration and expression.

“Growing up I have memories of enjoying drawing and artwork. I love being able to express things through art, that aren’t conveniently expressed through words.” - Jess

Dance is one of my true passions – I’ve been dancing since I was three years old. It is my creative outlet and allows me to express myself in unique ways.” – Emily

Reflecting on their final works for their 2022 VCE subjects, all three students followed unique yet similar journeys.

Jess decided on a theme for her artwork – ‘History’s reflection of the present’, then began exploring a range of mediums, focuses, techniques and processes.

“I tried oil and acrylic paint, colour pencil, lino, drawing and digital media. My final artwork utilised mixed media to showcase my personal life and how events have shaped who I am today.”

For her Dance Composition Solo, after brainstorming and researching ideas, Emily decided to reflect the concept of an electrical impulse moving through the brain via neurons and the deterioration of the impulse that happens as a result of stroke.

“Conveying such an abstract intention was difficult. My perseverance through practice, teacher feedback and determination, was reaffirming. I learnt to trust myself and stay true to my movement vocabulary, whilst pushing myself beyond my comfort zone.”

Daisy’s approach to designing the concept for a new brand of honey called ‘Goldie’ also involved considerable research and continuous modification, to reach her final design, which included a beehive and branding for the company.

“I identified a target audience and conducted research to fully understand the complexity and prompt ideas. I began the design with rough drawings, exploring a range of media and materials, continually refining until I came to my final design”.

All three students credit their teachers with invaluable guidance and support throughout the creative process and helping them to reach their ultimate potential.

Both Jess and Emily plan to pursue their passions beyond secondary school. Jess intends to become an Arts Curator and Emily’s goal is to become a member of a professional dance company.

Daisy on the other hand, aims to travel and study a Bachelor of Advance Science (Global Challenges) at Monash so she can “make a difference in the world by finding solutions to real world problems through creativity and Science”.

Whatever the future holds, Jess, Emily and Daisy will no doubt continue to immerse themselves in the Arts - showcasing their personal creativity and talents, for all to enjoy.