UPDATED – Semester 1 Reports and Progress Meetings

On Friday 17 July we will provide a Progress Report for Semester 1 via MyMCC. As you would understand, our usual way of working with students has been very different this term. Included in this change has been how we assess and report.

The content of the programs was reduced and some of the usual assessment activities have not been possible. In that context, this report will look different:

  • For many Year 7, 8 and 10 subjects, some criteria will be left blank and no MYP grade (1 – 7) will be recorded for Semester 1
  • Students undertaking Year 11 subjects will receive a grade of Satisfactory or Not Satisfactory for each outcome assessed in Semester 1
  • Some results for students undertaking Year 12 subjects may be recorded as In Progress

The end of year Progress Report will provide a more comprehensive view of the year’s learning across all curriculum areas.

As previously advised, further information on student achievement and progress is also available via our Learning Management System, Canvas, which you can access via MyMCC.

You may also recall that Year 9 students do not receive a full report in the middle of the year but a Progress Statement at the end of each seven-week rotation and a full Progress Report at the end of the year.

Progress Meetings play an integral role in the communication between home and school and provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their learning, seek input from parents and teachers, and set goals for the term to come. Students are encouraged to lead the discussion, with the support of their teachers, as we believe that they are more likely to grow if they take responsibility for their learning.

Progress Meetings Bookings open via MyMCC:

  • 3.00pm Friday 17 July until 5.00pm Wednesday 22 July
  • 9.00pm Thursday 23 July until 5.00pm Tuesday 27 July

Zoom Progress Meetings:

  • 2.20 – 8.30pm Thursday 23 July (Classes finish at 1.20pm)
  • 2.20 – 8.30pm Tuesday 28 July (Classes finish at 1.20pm)

Progress Meeting bookings are made through MyMCC.  Click here to view the instructions.

Parents and carers are encouraged to view the Progress Report and feedback in Canvas before determining which teachers to meet.

Zoom Progress Meetings will be a different experience for all. Parents and carers will be provided with Zoom links for each teacher via email and we seek your assistance in keeping to the 10-minute time limit. The best way to access the Progress Meetings is via your daughter’s MCC Zoom account.

On occasions, a teacher may be unavailable for Progress Meetings. If you are unable to book a time with an individual teacher, you are invited to contact the teacher via email, and they will respond as soon as possible.

Collette Bond
Director of Curriculum