Try stuff that you never thought of doing before

June 4th, 2017

McKinsey & Company is a Global Management Consulting firm. They recently produced a series of short videos on the future of work. Below is one of those videos, "What skills will be needed?".

Robots have long carried out routine physical activities, but increasingly machines can also take on more sophisticated tasks. So, what skills will our students need to make their way in the future?

Many of the ideas in this video have shaped our Year 9 DISCOVER program and the practice of our teachers across all year levels.  While we continue to prepare students for VCE success, parents and teachers can also encourage these attitudes and skills that are important in life and will be increasingly valued in the workplace.

Amid the advice provided by the leaders interviewed by McKinsey, we can easily nurture some of the ideas below.

  • Try stuff that you never thought of doing before.
  • Challenge the assumptions you make about yourself.
  • Every time you get a chance to do something, say yes.
  • Hone your creative skills, your human skills, your persuasive skills.
  • Learn new skills. Become adaptable.

Our girls have so many opportunities to "try stuff". There may be no better time or more supportive a place than while surrounded by the can-do energy of an all-girls school.

These ideas are simply presented in this 5-minute video from McKinsey & Company.

The video can also be accessed here.