SoJuSt Week 2021

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Despite some necessary modifications to suit the current conditions, Social Justice & Stewardship (SoJuSt) Week 2021 was very successful. Our intention this year was to encourage sustainable practices, such as nude food and investigate ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

From 23 - 27 August, students had the opportunity to engage in various activities planned by the SoJuSt team, including an environmental photo competition where students could upload photos they have taken of breath-taking views and aspects of nature.

Participation in the competition was very high making it extremely difficult to decide on winners. After much deliberation we declared the following winners:

LANDSCAPE: Jessica Silva 11D, Lily McQuillan 9C & Jiayu Zhang 12A

CLOSE UPS: Maya Guttierrez 7C, Dihara Gandolahage 7C & Ms Mayes

There was also a daily quiz which had questions regarding the environment. This was a popular activity with over 1000 questions answered! Congratulations to Gibbons house for having the highest participation.

On Tuesday, a very interesting students vs. teachers debate was held. The topic was “Reducing personal waste is unnecessary because big corporations are responsible for most carbon emissions,” with teachers being affirmative and students being negative. Following some very factual and passionate speeches, the students took home the win.

A Kahoot was held on Wednesday where students and staff had the chance to put their environmental knowledge to the test. There was also a treasure hunt which asked students to identify sustainable practices they use in their own homes.

SoJuSt week was a great way for us to engage in activities and become more aware of the beautiful environment which we live in and why we need to take care of it.

The SoJuSt Team, Ebannie, Gemma, Ella and Kyra