SoJuSt Week


Recently, as a school community, we participated in Social Justice & Stewardship (SoJuSt) Week. Students engaged in a variety of challenges that focused on creating something in the areas of sustainability and environmental awareness.

The activities were introduced during Community Time on Tuesday and students were given the rest of the week to complete their desired challenge. They were then asked to upload their creations on the SoJuSt Week Padlet. It was amazing to see the number of people that joined in on the fun and what was created.

The five activities for the week were:

  • Environmental Photography: where students could showcase their photography talents by capturing the beautiful world around them.
  • A Sustainable, Australian themed cooking challenge: for the foodies.
  • Recycled Materials Art: demonstrating that you can make something amazing with just a little creativity and some recyclable materials.
  • Re-usable Mask Making: to encourage students to look after both themselves and the environment during these hard times.
  • Chalk Art: for students to express sustainability or an encouraging message through drawing.

To add to these activities, a daily quiz was sent out to test people’s environmental knowledge and to teach them some fun, yet important facts about our environment.

Overall, SoJuSt Week was a great way to bring our community together and raise awareness about our environment, with the completion of various creative and informative activities.

Sarah MacDonald & Hannah Koolstra, Middle School SoJust Captains