STEAM Cup Challenge

May 27th, 2019
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On 6 May, Year 7 MacKillop House students assembled in one of the science rooms, accompanied by several staff members, to determine which team would be part of a final show down in the Hall racing the other house finalists in the STEAM Cup Challenge.

Steadily but quickly, we assembled our carts to the best of our ability. With 15 minutes left, it was time to look at the logistics; are the wheels spinning? Is everything properly attached?

When the first team was up, someone blew up their balloon carefully, then placing the cart on the ground, released the balloon…sadly, their cart didn’t go anywhere.

MacKillop House was up next. A member of our team blew up the balloon, confidently stepped up to the start line, then steadied the cart on the ground. When she released the cart, it embarked on it’s journey across the glossy, science room floor. Once the air had burnt out of the balloon the cart stopped and everyone clapped, impressed by the design.

After all of the groups had finished, we were declared the winners since our cart went the furthest. We had won the right to compete in the finals.

Everyone made their way to the Hall to witness finals in cart racing, drone flying, and to take part in the House cup stacking competition.

Cart racing was the first event. Our House representative blew up the balloon and stepped onto the start line. When ‘go’ sounded, all the House’s balloons were released. Our cart shot forward, eager to reach the finish line. None of the other carts moved and ours crossed the finish line within seconds. Everyone in MacKillop House cheered at our victory.

As the other events commenced, all of the Houses cheered them on.

The final event was Cup Stacking – a chance to make the highest possible tower in a short period of time. Everyone stacked and stacked; people bending down carefully, not wanting to crush the tower. MacKillop had a very stable tower and it looked great!

Overall, MacKillop came 3rd, Lyons came 2ndand Gibbons and Chisholm came first in a draw.

The STEAM Cup was a great way to engage students to try different aspects of STEAM. The hosts did a wonderful job and so did all the other students and staff that contributed to organising the event.

Jen MacDonald, Year 7