Students Farewell Mrs Feeney

June 23rd, 2022
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At our end of Term Assembly, the students farewelled Deputy Principal - Staff and Students, Julie Feeney with some touching and heartfelt tributes, including this one from our College Captains, Sienna and Jasmine, and a guard of honour as Mrs Feeney left the Hall.

Here's what Sienna and Jasmine had to say:

Mrs Feeney, we asked the Year 12s to describe you in one word and this is what they said… leader, consistent, present, organiser, empathetic, inspirational, and insightful.

We feel this really embodies who you are, and the profound impact you’ve had, not only on our schooling careers, but with us on a personal level. You are a staple pillar of Mater, keeping the ship afloat and when we found out you were retiring, the first thing we thought was how will we do it without you! It will be different, but you have taught us so much over the years and put us in good stead for the journey ahead.

As Deputy Principal you have consistently guided us through our high school journey, from Year 7 to Year 12 and we are forever grateful for the incredibly encouraging and welcoming environment you have created! You have always ensured that we feel like we belong. As you promote inclusivity and provide opportunities for our voices! The word consistent truly does reflect the leader you are. You are reliable, always make time for a hallway chat and will never leave an email unread!

Mrs Feeney you are always there. From SRC meetings, school production, sports days, VCE arts performances and fundraisers to Year 12 Retreat Day, where you took part in the PJ festivities wearing your grandson’s Oodie!

Your knack for organisation is remarkable! With your note pad in hand, you make an idea, reality. Your work behind the scenes throughout all these years has not gone unnoticed, making sure everything runs smoothly like clockwork.

So, in the words of Gen Bryant…we will sing, we will shout, you will go so let’s send you out!