Where are they now? Courtney Sombekke (2014)

A series of internships throughout her tertiary studies gave Courtney a clearer view of the advertising world and helped her land her first job. 

After completing VCE at Mater Christi, I went on to study a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Advertising at RMIT.  

During my time at RMIT I did a number of internships.

Where are they now? Emma Ryan (2007)

From Melbourne to Darwin and then to Beijing - teaching across different cultures has given Emma a unique perspective on the opportunities she has to inspire and change lives.

When I left Mater Christi at the end of Year 12, I worked for a year to support myself so I could attend the University of Ballarat.

Where are they now? Adriana Bonanno (2013)

Studying in Paris and London, working on fashion events in Mexico and Sydney, high profile photo shoots, music clips and a runway feature for Melbourne Fashion Week. In just seven years Adriana has an impressive list of achievements in the Fashion world.

Where are they now? Bridget Backhouse (2013)

When her chosen university course wasn’t the right fit, 2013 College Captain Bridget didn’t panic. She trusted her instincts, remained open to new possibilities and eventually found her passion in natural health. 

I graduated from Mater Christi College in 2013 as College Captain, all set to begin university with my first preference.

Where are they now? Meg McKernan (2011)

Emergency nurses are at the frontline of most medical emergencies, but Meg says nothing prepared her for COVID-19. She draws on some of the core values she learnt at Mater Christi and the courage and determination of her colleagues, to see her through these uncertain times.

Where are they now? Amelia Lazdins (2006)

Amelia never imagined herself as a florist and still finds it strange being called one. Yet, she has her own floristry and styling business, worked closely with well-known floral artist and eco-warrior Joost Bakker and does property styling and event floristry for Stones of the Yarra Valley.

Where are they now? Courtney Siesmaa (2015)

Class of 2015 Alumna Courtney Siesmaa knew her passion from a very young age. Her love of fashion and the visual arts lead her to pursue these subjects at school, to be accepted into an Associate Degree in Fashion Design at RMIT and more recently to secure her first job, where she is being trained as a Visual Merchandiser for JD Sports.

Where are they now? Melanie Shears (2003)

It’s hard to summarise my journey from Mater Christi student to malaria research scientist in a few paragraphs.

There were so many alternative paths I could have taken. My academic and professional career path has not been a straight line, but it led me to where I am today - living overseas and working in an area of science that I find meaningful and engaging.

Where are they now? Simone Georg (2005)

I graduated from Mater Christi in December 2005 with a clear and focused plan.

I left Australia in January 2006 to explore, travel and live in Germany. I couldn’t speak a sentence in German at the time. But with a strong will and determined attitude I became fluent after several months and found a job.

Where are they now? Tracy Alles (1996)

I was sitting at my laptop in class when the email arrived. “…I am writing to invite you to share your story as a member of the Class of 1996…” and the first thought that crossed my mind was, “What could I possibly share? I haven’t achieved anything great!” 

I then looked up from my laptop and gazed at the young women before me, who were part of my Year 12 Psychology class.