Mixing it up

“Choose the subjects you want to do, rather than the subjects you
think you should.”

College Co-Captain Alannah believes that the key to success in secondary school is to follow your passions. 

Alannah followed her own advice, choosing a broad mix of subjects for VCE including Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, Literature, Legal Studies, History of Revolutions and a university extension in History and Philosophy of Science.

A quiet achiever

Teachers have invariably described Zoe as focused, organised and diligent. Beneath her quiet and gentle manner is an inquisitive, thoughtful and reflective learner, ready to ask the difficult question or to help other students. 

Zoe was a self-motivated student with a genuine desire to understand problems whether they be within the logic of Mathematics or the philosophical challenges of Ethics.

Celebrating our High Achievers of 2019

We were delighted to celebrate student achievement with parents, grandparents, guardians and family friends at our High Achievers Assembly.

Congratulations to all students who can feel proud of their achievements in learning and are looking forward with excitement and anticipation to the next stage of their education journey.

Mature, purposeful and balanced – 2019 College Dux Jess

Ensuring balance between her family, social and study commitments
was key to Jess's success

Jess commenced at Mater Christi College in Year 10 when her family moved to the hills. With the support of her teachers and fellow students she adapted to her new environment and quickly formed new friendships.

Year 12 in hindsight

Our speaker at our High Achievers' Assembly was 2019 College Dux Jessica Taffe. Jess shared her reflections on what success really looks like in Year 12 and how to find balance in a busy school life..


My name is Jess and I’d like to start by saying a massive congratulations to my classmates, the class of 2019! All our hard work and hours spent studying was worth it, we made it!!

This year I will be going to university, as many of my peers have chosen to do, and I will be studying Science at Melbourne Uni.

Celebrating Year 12 2019

We are delighted and proud to share some highlights of the achievements of the Class of 2019.

We commend all of our students for their personal achievements over their final year of secondary education, regardless of ATAR. We recognise that each student has a unique story of individual challenges and diverse learning goals.

2019 Production Wrap Up


This year’s joint Mater Christi and St Joseph’s school production was the 1975 classic, A Chorus Line – High School Edition.

A Chorus Line tells the story of 17 dancers, auditioning for a Broadway show. The director, Zach, asks the dancers to recall memories from their childhood so that he can get to know them better and eliminate down from 17 to 8. While some characters relish the opportunity to talk about themselves, others find it an emotionally confronting experience.

Making the most of education

Determined to make the most of her education, 2018 Year 12 student Saasha is driven by her desire to make a difference and create opportunities for others.

Saasha has long recognised the privilege of a good education.

Itching to make a difference

2018 Year 12 student Jessica says being at Mater Christi taught her that women are strong and have the ability to bring about change in the world. Now she wants to study Law, do something meaningful and make the world a better place.

A new direction pays off

A change of direction in Year 10 ensured 2018 Year 12 student Maddison stayed engaged and motivated in her studies. At school and in life Maddison's approach is to trust her own instincts and make things happen.

Maddison says she “doesn’t really have any passions” but her approach to life, success at school and plans for the future, indicate otherwise.