Family Tree – Personal Project 5

My personal project was about my family heritage and the towns my four grandparents came from in Italy.

I chose this topic because I think all families should have a Family Tree to pass down to future generations.

Before I started, I didn’t know much about where my grandparents were from.

Healthy Eating Made Easy – Personal Project 3

My personal project was about Type 2 Diabetes, which is becoming more common in society each day. I made a healthy eating cookbook, as a preventative step, to help reduce the number of Australians being diagnosed with the disease each year.

My inspiration for this project was my Grandpa.

Hair for Life – Personal Project 1

Recognising the privilege and freedom she possesses as a healthy person, Ella wanted to raise money and awareness for the challenges faced by children going through chemotherapy.

I chose this topic because I realise how lucky I am to be able to exercise and do what I wish with my own hair.